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I've seen several threads (and even more posts) asking how to post pictures here. There are a myriad of ways to do it and even regular forum users seem to trip up on it more often than not. So, here's my HOW TO guide. It is not a comprehensive guide to all the different services, but instead focuses on ONE VERY EASY way to do it:

1) Get yourself a free account. You MUST be signed in for these instructions to work.*
2) Upload your pictures to Full resolution is fine, no need to worry about sizing them or anything.
3) Once uploaded, click through to the the page for JUST THAT PICTURE.
4) Find and click the "share" icon in the lower right hand corner. It's that little square with the arrow coming out of it. If you use iOS, you should recognize it instantly.
5) If it's not already open, expand the "Grab the HTML/BBCode" section.
6) Change the drop down to "Medium 500".**
7) You MUST click the the HTML radio button.***
8) Copy the text in the box and paste it into the forum.

You're done. Easy. Works 100% of the time, it's the right size to not blow the page out AND readers can click through the small image to see the full size on directly on Flickr. Highly recommended!

* Trying this while not logged in will get you the "lightbox" view which won't give you the correct options.
** Some advocate editing the URL to change the width to 600 (the actual column size here). Editing the HTML is prone to error if you don't know what you're doing, and it only nets you a 20% larger picture. With these directions, you can always click on the image to see it in more detail directly on Flickr.
*** By default the Embed radio button is selected. That won't work in these forums because it uses an "iframe".

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filsmyth | September 30, 2013

I have a Flickr account, but haven't used it in a couple-three years. Switched to Picasa, which has since been neatly folded into the Google Plus experience.

When I'm sharing something here from my g+ account, before I copy the URL of the image I resize my browser window so that the image appears no wider than this post column. Works for me.

The trouble with trying to share the code in this forum is that ADDITIONAL code is needed to keep it from "working". Since these attempts all too often end up displaying "broken images" instead of the code, I created this 600X600 image:

These instructions should work for images found out there on the web, like this one:

[Source: ]

I myself have accidentally shared images that were much too large. Right-clicking and opening the image in a new tab should show you its actual size.

GeekEV | October 1, 2013

...bump - in an attempt to keep this a "sticky" thread...

While I welcome instructions for other photo sharing sites, if anyone else wishes to contribute to this thread, PLEASE make your instructions simple text based step-by-step instructions. Be detailed, not everyone is as tech savvy as you may be.

@filsmyth - I appreciate the effort, but find your instructions significantly lacking in detail for the non-tech savvy. Would you care to try again but be more explicit?

GeekEV | October 1, 2013

One additional note & caveat on photo posting. Linking directly to an image elsewhere on the web has three potential ramifications: 1) make sure you have the right to use the image outside of the site it appeared on; 2) it will increase the site owner's bandwidth; and 3) the site may go down or the owner may change the image. Because of #2 and #3, it is preferred to save the image and host it somewhere more reliable and consistent where it can "live forever".

Brian H | October 1, 2013

Inserting ' width="600" ' will use the exact column width on this site, and resize the height automatically. The HTML required for this site is thus:

<img src="URL" width="600">

URL represents the image location, not the page it is on. Right-click to get that Copy option.

GeekEV | October 1, 2013


GeekEV | October 1, 2013

@Brian H - FWIW, Flickr doesn't have a 600 option, it's either 500 or 640, so I go with 500.

Brian H | October 1, 2013

You can override that by adding width="600" But 640 only overlaps the edge slightly, and works fine.

PorfirioR | October 2, 2013

Since the idea is to keep bumping this thread to effectively make it "sticky", might as well use it to practice.

That is better than a boring "bump".

GeekEV | October 2, 2013

LOL. This could become the new "please ignore" thread...

ian | October 2, 2013

OK. I'll try. Trying to post a picture from this post ( at

ian | October 2, 2013

Sweet! It worked. I just tried the same thing in another thread here and it didn't seem to work. I guess I'd better check the thread to be sure.


GeekEV | October 4, 2013

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PorfirioR | October 5, 2013

Educational bump with some Romeo and Juliet.

GeekEV | October 9, 2013

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Not to be confused with the Icky Thump:

PorfirioR | October 10, 2013

hmmm... useful bump achieved thanks to spam. I am conflicted...

Well, I have been meaning to test if animated gifs work. The Icky Thump poster reminded me of Mokiki. Perhaps because the couple looked poised to embark on a rousing session of the sloppy swish.

If the animated gif did not work, here is the still version:

PorfirioR | October 11, 2013

Brian H | October 11, 2013

Bmup! I like it. Makes you thimk.

GeekEV | October 11, 2013

I bet that only works if your name is Scotty...

Timo | October 12, 2013


GeekEV | October 16, 2013

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PorfirioR | October 17, 2013

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levi.maina | October 19, 2013

GeekEV | October 23, 2013

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Tricky Jump.

PorfirioR | October 25, 2013

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Let the speculation begin...

Timo | October 26, 2013

Is that Model X with google gear on roof?

rmitchum | October 26, 2013

Lexus RF (450h ? they all look the same. . . )
It IS cool to see the Google self-driving car at Tesla's front door!

PorfirioR | October 26, 2013

Since this thread is about pictures, that brings up a good tip.

You can right-click on any image and either "view image" or "open image", depending on your browser, to see the image full size. If your browser uses tabs, you can also drag the image to a new tab and it will open the image at the original size.

BTW, it is as @rmitchum stated, the Google self-driving car.

Timo | October 26, 2013

Duh, didn't try looking at the original. That's a lot bigger than posted and lexus logo on clearly visible.

Interesting indeed. I have heard rumors that Tesla is building self-driving car, maybe it's in reality Google-Telsa -co-operation. Maybe also SpaceX techs involved.

GeekEV | November 1, 2013

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Brian H | November 1, 2013

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Brian H | November 1, 2013

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Brian H | November 1, 2013

↑↑ As this is a new page, those are thumping sticks, not sticky bumps.

Kleist | November 21, 2013

couldn't resist...

ian | November 21, 2013

Hah! I've seen house cats doing that but not a steer!

GeekEV | November 21, 2013

Wow, now THAT is definitely the wrong way to close the frunk (if it were a Tesla)! That's gonna leave a mark...

Thanks for the bump. I ran out of things to rhyme with "sticky bump". :-o

ian | November 21, 2013

Now that I see that picture on a proper sized screen (aka not my iPhone) I see it's likely photoshopped. Oh well, had me going for a bit there!

I hear you Geek, I was trying to think of some but you'd pretty much covered them all.

Kleist | November 21, 2013

Just the idea is hilarious...
- picture you return to you brand new BMW...
- proof that ICEs are more animal friendly

Brian H | November 21, 2013

Saw a cat-pic, with kitten on a laptop kb, "If it's not for Sit, why is it made of Warm?"

ian | November 23, 2013

Haha! Keyboard is in a drawer here but the cat does like to snuggle up next to the monitor!

QtweetEV | November 25, 2013

What do you think of this wheel for my winter tires?

GeekEV | November 25, 2013

Those look pretty cool to me...

filsmyth | November 25, 2013

Thought about changing the wheels on this image manipulation, but my eyes got tired...

just an allusion | November 28, 2013

If and when there is a truck, it should definitely be an extended cab version, something along the lines of this concept I picked up from Teslarati:

filsmyth | November 29, 2013


Why do I bother with an extensive image manipulation, if someone's just gonna re-re-re-repost that crappy old Garrett Bradford hack job?

I even started with the same picture, on purpose...

That's it on the lower left:

PorfirioR | December 5, 2013

Perhaps we should take this to a pickup truck thread, but I will insert a picture as to stay on topic.
I would like to see what filsmyth's Habanero would look like with bull bar and roll bar, similar to this F-150:

It could be a more streamline version of the bars, just something to protect the nose from rocks/mud, hang a winch, or have extra lights.

PorfirioR | December 5, 2013

By the way, I meant to add that I like the Habanero design as it seems more "truck-like". I am just not sure why, but I like it.

just an allusion | December 8, 2013


Come on now, we both now that the extended cab GB image I posted underwent the same rendering process as your Habanero and XT/XTX, so let's not cast any aspersions and continue to play nice for the sake of constructive criticism if nothing else.

joanna.sparrow | December 9, 2013

very useful:)

Araujor20 | January 20, 2014
Kleist | January 25, 2014

just a test...