Booster Seats - Any Luck?

Booster Seats - Any Luck?

Has anyone had any luck using booster seats for kids anywhere other than the center? At the outside seating positions, the booster digs into the side leg bolsters, and the seatbelt is still very hard to buckle. If you've had any luck, what kind of booster seat are you using? It must be narrower than either of mine! Or perhaps someone has tried a seatbelt extender? Thanks!

alfafoxtrot1 | May 11, 2013

Its a problem for sure. The right rear is a little better than the left rear, but if I have both kids, one has to scooch forward as I buckle her in, and then move the seat back into position.

JDster | May 11, 2013

Just get seat beat extenders from Amazon. Make sure you get the rigid ones as they are much easier for your kids to buckle themselves up.

teslabruin | May 11, 2013

get the bubble bum booster seat, the narrowest booster seat on the market, my kids love it, works great in the car.

Salman | May 11, 2013

+1 on the Rigid 8" seat belt extenders from Amazon. They work great with our Britax booster seats.

alfafoxtrot1 | May 12, 2013

The extenders look like a good solution. Do we want the A or B type?

jasonsc | May 12, 2013

Which Britax seat do you have. The Greco turbo boosters I brought over from my Audi are too big. My wife's Britax booster seems a little wide too. However, I just bought a harmony carpooler booster from target and it fits great. I need to find one with a high back for my youngest though.

The seat belt extenders are type a, but if your seat is too wide, they don't work well.

stealthpitt | May 12, 2013

There is only ONE booster seat worthy of the Model S. I have two of them and they fit great in the outside seats. They are the sleekest, lowest profile, and best designed boosters on the market, IMHO.

The Diono R100, in stone color is the best looking one. I wouldn't go up to the R120. The R100 is the lowest profile. And, it is the only brand that folds up, nearly flat. Easy to store away and carry. And they don't damage the leather seats. I use a low profile car seat protector underneath.

I don't use them as much as I used to because I have the awesome rear-facing fold-flat seats, that are booster certified. But longer road trips, its good for the kiddos to be facing us with the Diono's.

Hope this helps!

riceuguy | May 13, 2013

So Type A rigid extenders have worked for folks! My boosters are as narrow as is reasonable, so sounds like a good option. Link?

riceuguy | May 13, 2013

Perhaps this?

And do you just set the booster on top of the buckle and first few inches of the extender strap?

joepruitt | May 13, 2013
Darmok | May 13, 2013

Here's a review of the S on a car seat website. The car seat stuff starts about half way down, and boosters that fit the S are discussed.

riceuguy | May 13, 2013

@JoePruitt, do you just set the booster on top of the built-in buckle and use the buckle on the extender?