Model X looks like crap

Model X looks like crap

The S looks great, the X- not so much. They should scrap the X and come out with the third gen. The Honda Fit EV is way more practical than another expensive tesla.

Alex K | January 23, 2013

@SMahindra21 | JANUARY 23, 2013: The S looks great, the X- not so much.

I don't know how you got "crap" from determining it doesn't look as good as the Model S. I think part of the problem is the color choice they had at the Detroit auto show. The black nose cone really stands out on a white car. Also, the Model X is bulbulous in comparison to the Model S, which makes it look like they inflated a Model S. The advantage of the Model X over the S is that it will be available with AWD, have seating for 7, higher driving position and more storage.

David70 | January 23, 2013


They need to wait until battery and production costs get low enough to do the Gen III.

Brian H | January 23, 2013

Expect a flurry of variations on the 'S', and maybe a few on the 'X'. From pickup or van to cabriolet to ...

Brian H | January 23, 2013

Could be that "making room" for such variants is partly behind the TM push to drive down the outstanding reservation list ...

SMahindra21 | January 23, 2013

Who really need falcon wing doors. also the touch screen looks out of place. We need more models to choose from. The X should have a longer wheel base and better options. I say scrap the doors and make it a bit longer and add dynamic cruise, heated and cool seat w/ massage, etc. I mean there are more things they can do. Lastly change the shape; it looks weird. I cant wait for gen III or other companies to come out with a more practical car. Either way my next car will be electric, i just hate waiting.

Timo | January 23, 2013

@SMahindra21, you should search for videos about the X, it looks a lot better with people moving next to it than what it does in pictures, it gives you better perspective of what it really is.

You want to make X bigger and same time talk about GenIII being more practical? FYI GenIII platform is smaller than Model S platform. There is plenty of room in X, there is already huge amount of space in Model S, and X is bigger.

IMO falcon doors are cool. Not practical for everyone, but for most.

Brian H | January 24, 2013

And when they motorize the middle joint, the X can fly. Honest.

MCB | February 6, 2013

Gents, Even if the falcon wing doors were to be cancelled in the future, the X is just amazing to look at and a must-have car!! 4WD or AWD is an interesting discussion, but not essential to the end user. The design of this car is a tease for designers around the world!! The car is beautiful!! The dash, is much nicer than ever seen before. ** Elon, Please keep the dash of the launch vehicle exactly the way it looks this time, then i`l make a reservation, even if you decide to drop the fog lights to the bottom of the front bumper. The changes made to the S made me want to wait for the X instead. The X is a beauty and hope to be my next car in Norway for 2014/15. I was seriously considering the BMW 5 series Gran Turismo for 2014 (coming from a 2004 BMW 5 series), but now i`l wait for the "real thing"!!! = Model X!! PS. Norwegian government has "frozen" the EV privileges to customers (No VAT, No BHP/weight taxes etc) only to jan 2017, so please please please have it ready before then. :)

Benz | February 6, 2013

Till December 2012 I would have made a reservation for the Tesla Model S. But I didn't, and I am glad I didn't, because the Tesla Model X is more practical to use, 7 adults can sit in it. And the seats are located higher from the ground (than the Tesla Model S). More space inside the car. And it will have the AWD option as well. But only those Falcon Wing doors is what I am thinking about. Will they be causing practical problems (or not)? Will there be safety issue's? I don't know, I need to know more about that. Only then I shall make a reservation for a Tesla Model X.

MCB | February 6, 2013

First thing, please change the title of this thread to "MODEL X LOOKS AMAZING" :)
I agree with you! The car is more practical, and it gives you the SUV feeling like BMW X5 or high-end luxury SUV on the market. I honestly believe the falcon wing doors will not be approved in Europe, due to accidents resulting in cars flipping over. The doors could then jam, and trap second & third row passengers. A 45 degree sliding door option would be interesting to see though ;). If the current design and its promised performance continues to production issues, i will get it no matter what, even if the car is AWD/ 4WD or even 2WD!! Driving in Norway, heavy snow and bad weather/strong winds, we are not relying on 4WD cars, even if we are going up mountains every weekend. Rear wheel drive and a good balanced traction control does the trick! If your stuck on a hill, use a metalgrip ;) Front wheel drive steals grip from the front wheels, resulting in understeer in corners. Rear wheel provides you with a better option, comfortable oversteer, as long as you are not too heavy on the throttle ;) The X proofs that the EV revolutions has no limits, in regards to size and comfort. But, the real selling point to me, is the design.

Benz | February 6, 2013


"MODEL X LOOKS AMAZING", sounds great to me too.

But I am more interested in your next quote: "I honestly believe the falcon wing doors will not be approved in Europe, due to accidents resulting in cars flipping over."

That would mean that Tesla Motors shall have to design a Model X without the Falcon Wing doors!!! Is that correct?

Brian H | February 6, 2013

The top hinge of the doors releases after an accident, and the doors just fall away. Groan.

Benz | February 6, 2013

Well, it seems that the Tesla Engineers had already thought about that. Good to know this, I feel more comfortable about the Tesla Model X. That means that the people will not get stuck in the car (after an accident), they can easily get out of the car. Good thinking. And very important. Tesla Motors should tell everybody about this feature. I think this is a great selling point. And I think that the people who are anxious about the Falcon Wing doors, will surely get less anxious about it.

MCB | February 10, 2013

For me too, thats good news. The doors look great! In all cars, a safety/break-away hammer is always an option when breaking through windows in a emergency situation. There is a possibility that i might not wait that long for the X, and get the S first. My trusty old BMW sedan will be ok for 1 more year. We are expecting second child in 4 months and could use the extra space on the road.... If tesla announce Europe deliveries soon, i will be able to finalize my choice. Thanks for input.

Pong.c.Chang | April 5, 2013

I really wanted to like the model X. I have always been a fan of specialized high powered SUV's since they satisfy my crave HP/uniqueness as well as the family's need for practicality. I just cannot get past how much of the design cues look like a honda civic though which is a big turn off for me. (especially the tail lights). Guess I'll have to wait a few more years before I upgrade.

Objective1 | April 5, 2013

Having seen the Model S in the wild now, I was shocked at how low and bulbously wide it looks to me, at least from behind.

This gives me hope that the taller Model X will actually look more like I imagined the Model S to look like. Which would mean the most Aston-Martin-ish minivan in the world.

gibbs | April 7, 2013

If the Model X is ugly, then what would be considered a good looking SUV?

Roamer@AZ USA | April 9, 2013

I love the look and am excited to try the falcon wing doors.

Next model release should be a short bed crew cab pick up truck model with 4 wheel drive and a 100 kw battery pack.

I have one S and two Xs on order to replace my two Nissan Leaf's. The Leafs get handed down to the kids. With solar on all our Arizona houses, that makes more electricity than we use, these will run at 3.6 cents per kWH. That's the current utility buy back rate.

carlgo | June 3, 2013

It has the Emergency Turtle Flip Technology (EFT). The doors on one side are forced open quickly, thus flipping the car right side up. It keeps doing this until it is successful, or it runs out of power.

Brian H | June 4, 2013

Just make sure your seat belt is fastened during ETFT operation.