Buying Parts

Buying Parts

I am wondering if tesla is or will be selling parts over the counter. I feel that there is a growing group of people who are into converting gas vehicles. Being that teslas drive train has got the best range. I was thinking that a source of income could be had by selling to the do-it yourselfers. If this has been posted somewhere I am sorry I could not find it.

Brian H | September 26, 2010

Tesla has the stated aim of making its tech, especially the ESS stuff, available to the whole industry to accelerate electrification, but, that said, it's an entirely different thing to do conversions. There's a company or two around starting to specialize in that, though.

Vawlkus | October 5, 2010

I doubt that Tesla will sell directly to the public, but they probably WILL license someone else to do so.

I mean, they already supply Diamala with engine & PEM for their electric smart cars, so it stands to reason they're willing to sell their stuff outside of their cars.