BEWARE : v4.3 ---- KNOWN ISSUE: doors unlocking

BEWARE : v4.3 ---- KNOWN ISSUE: doors unlocking


Beware - I just installed v4.3 last night to get the scheduled charging and I got a bonus feature that the doors just unlock themselves without the key being anywhere near it. I called into ownership experience and they told me this was a known issue and gave me the workaround (disabling auto-present handles).

I can't for the life of me understand how tesla continues to have these sort of bugs and then to top it off they don't have the decency to send proactive emails to owners of $100k cars when there are known issues with their firmware upgrades. Thankfully I noticed this in my garage .... But had this been the week day my car would've been unlocked in the city for anyone to check out.

I also had another issue where the door was actually ajar ... Apparently this has been known to happen as well --- yeah that's right , driver side door just opening.

Get it together tesla. I don't expect a bug free system ... But I do expect world class support and communication.

Tâm | March 31, 2013

Hi Sam:

I think Tesla does a good job in anticipations of problems and side effects by providing this users-to-users forum.

Electron | March 31, 2013

Sam, does your real version number (hit the tesla badge at the top of your screen) end in .40 or .45?
There are two versions of 4.3 in the wild. The .45 version supposedly has the fix for the doors.

cb9 | March 31, 2013

I had driver door just pop open as well - 3x when we were standing nearby with the fob. I am on 4.2 though. Anybody know how to determine if that is software or hardwar

cb9 | March 31, 2013

Argh - please ignore last entry. Realized I was about to hijack this topic, and fat-fingered a submit by accident. I switched to laptop because I heard you can "hover and delete" but until I figure that out, I won't be offended if you flag both these posts as inappropriate - because it was! :(

GeekEV | March 31, 2013

The delete/edit thing only works on the original thread post.

Velo1 | March 31, 2013

I haven't seen 4.3 show up yet, but when it does, can I simply decline the download?

nvjx | March 31, 2013

When I took delivery of my car in early Nov last year on two different occasions my front doors popped open. Recently I came back from Dr's office to find all doors unlocked and rear left door ajar. Luckily no one grabbed my precious little dog from the back seat. My car has been to the Fremont service dept. four times for these and numerous other issues. I have had issues with door and hatch alignment, tilt wheel not operating properly, front end alignment etc. etc. The last time they replaced my left rear door handle but the tilt wheel is still not fixed after going there 4 times. I have never had any new car with so many problems. I know there are people on this and other forums who attack anyone who brings up any mention of problems with these cars. If I continue to have problems with $100000+ car and Tesla does not live up to its promises of replacing sun visors and shade for the panoramic roof I won't post on these forums but instead send out nationwide news releases on news wires about my experience with Tesla so everyone knows the truth about the poor quality control of these cars.

jdb | March 31, 2013

"they told me this was a known issue and gave me the workaround (disabling auto-present handles)."

Hi Sam R. I also have experienced this issue last two days with door handles not retracting after downloading v.4.3. Have not called the company. How does one disable the auto-present handles?

jdb | March 31, 2013

Never mind my last comment. i just did the logical thing-checked the Manual online and saw how to turn the auto-present handle feature off. Now I can lock the car again after two days. But will miss the cool feature of the car handles extending when approaching car. By the way, when went into the Tesla site to check Manual saw an advertisement for a four year tire warranty for $900 which I had not heard about before, Have not seen any forum comments.

David Trushin | March 31, 2013

No need to shout. there are about 40 threads on this topic already.

Tripat | March 31, 2013

I think - you need to wait for 2 years for the bugs to be fixed. Buying Tesla is no different than buying V.1 of computer. Did you buy WIndows 8 - are waiting for the next people wait for the bugs to be ironed out.

I am glad you all are bringing up the issues. Tesla is a very responsive company...The next version of Model S will be a perfect car... and the credit for making the car perfect will go to you all, who are trying the car out and making Tesla Aware of the issues...


Tâm | March 31, 2013


Yes, when it pops up, just close the window, decline it. Then it moves to upper center of your 17" display between the T and bluetooth icon as a rounded alarm clock icon to tempt you to accept it again :)

Robert22 | March 31, 2013


Happy to oblige.... and thanks for paying a few grand extra to keep our software updates coming :)

cerjor | March 31, 2013

I got my P85 in December and have had no problems at all. Got 4.3 a week ago and my doors stay locked until I come close and the handles present themselves. I can now delay charging too.

jdb | April 1, 2013

@ David Trushin. Did not realize i was shouting, certainly did not intend. But a little frustrated with cutomer relations of this company. As many Tesla cutomers I have somehat busy life and car is not central to it. Which means that I hardly ever go on this webiste. But TM has my email address, have had the sig vehicle almost four months. So one would think that if company comes out with warranty plan for tires with purchase deadline in few weeks that they would notify customers. Instead I happened to see it when going online to check Manual because car doors would inexplicably not lock past few days after downloading latest app. And find out that other owners were aware and had prescribed fix. One would think the company would also be aware of glitch and could notify recipients of the latest app perhaps by message to car screen. Maybe being too picky but sometimes does get frustrating. By the way, would be helpful if this site had search function, especially since seems to be central point of finding out and solving technical glitches. Thanks to all particpatnts who are giving advice.

MandL | April 1, 2013

While I've not had this particular problem (afaik) I do agree when there is an issue with a software update that could negatively impact customers (like the car unlocking when it's not supposed to) the company should immediately send out a notice at least to all current owners who have gotten the update. In fact, for something like this I wouldn't mind if they also immediately applied the temporary fix (diable auto-present handles) and let us turn it back on if we are fine with the potential risk.

Saying that they provide the forum to us for this purpose is BS. Trust me, once you have your Model S you will still check in here but you won't be on the forum 6 hours a day reading every single post no matter what the topic.

David Trushin | April 1, 2013

Jdb try for search.

David Trushin | April 1, 2013

Oh, and the shouting comment was for samr. Lower case will do just fine

jdb | April 1, 2013

Thanks @David Trushin and Mandl. By the way, did order the tire warranty now that i am aware of it. It made sense,think that tire wear and replacement may be biggest maintenance item long term, especially with performance version and 21" tires. But suspect that many owners not aware unless they have checked Telsa website. I live in Florida so extended vehicle warranty not yet offered.

mbergman | April 1, 2013

Does anybody know if door unlocking/door opening problems are confined to those with tech pkg? Thx.

Edneff | April 1, 2013

I agree that Tesla could be more proactive in the communications to owners... Hopefully this will improve... Most folks don't have time to browse the forums.

hnashif | April 1, 2013

I received an email notification from on March 25th about availability of pre-paid service plans. Check your spam box.

bigez1 | April 1, 2013

Hey sam r - can you please provide an update as to the status of your issue? Was it resolved? If so, how? Clearly you were upset enough to post your original warning in all caps and I would think you'd be equally eager to share what happened subsequently. Also, I've noticed a few owners/enthusiasts subsequently asked several follow-up questions to which you have not responded. Not to speak for everyone here but as an owner, I'd certainly appreciate some sort of follow-up/lessons learned given the severity of your account. Thanks.

DickB | April 1, 2013

I have version 4.3 build 1.23.40 and so far no problems at all with the car. I got the model S late December and now has over 3000 miles on it. Love to drive it.

DickB | April 1, 2013

opps. That is version 4.3 build 1.25.40

hammy16 | April 1, 2013


It is sort of self correcting but when folks talk about V4.3 (or any other version) they sometimes do not give the
subset. I have 4.3 build 1.25.35 but others have V4.3 with build 1.25.40 and 1.25.45. It is difficult to follow who has what
problems if you are not on the same version of 4.3. I would just suggest when discussing issues
that the subset (build) version also be included...
It also would be nice if the notes that come with each update gave some detail of what was being
added/corrected with each build. Right now it all just seems to fall under the Version number
and not include build number changes.

Brian H | April 1, 2013

David Trushin; depends on Google search, so it may take a couple of days for the searchbots to index recent entries. It's not as current as a proper in-house Search function would be. ;(

jdb | April 1, 2013

@hammy16. How does one check the version of the app download once accepted? I accepted V4.3 several days ago but did not take note of the specific download subset and do not see any "history" function on the car screen.

mdennick | April 1, 2013

jbd, Just press the T at the top of your touch screen. You can see the version and VIN in the window, along with release notes.

appljd | April 1, 2013

Just installed V4.3 tonight. 1.25.45 on my Model S 85. So far so good. And the door did automatically lock as expected after approx 1 minute. (Auto-lock enabled)

dayoreo | April 1, 2013

I have v4.3 - 1.25.45 Model S 85. No problems. Heater is warmer..

jdb | April 2, 2013

Thanks mdennick. I have the 1.25.40 subset, and do have the door unlock problem, which fixed by disabling the auto present. But am making use of the scheduled charging feature, which should save electrical cost long term. I do miss the cool feature of having the door handles extend out when you approach car, kind of like a greeting, but always seems to be some kind of trade-off.